Rendering Coaching with Bob Jacob,
and the Benefits of Zoom

I may be a long way from you, but modern technology has changed our lives and how we do almost everything.

Nowadays we can communicate easily, clearly, and accurately on Zoom any time we want. It is certainly not face to face, nor eyeball to eyeball, but it sure comes close. I teach Art on Zoom Saturday mornings, so I know from experience how close it does come.

If you hire me, you will be able to see just what I have done for you on my drawing board and where I’m at with your project. Questions are easily asked and answered.

And it’s easy for me to share with you ideas that may enhance the practicality and beauty of your project, as I am both a fine architectural designer ( I studied architectural design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn ), as well as an accomplished renderer.

Also, I can teach you on Zoom how to make your architectural and interior sketches better than ever, and even teach you how to render your presentation drawings better. And I am willing to give you two free lessons to show you how well it can all come together for you.

Please give me a chance, even though I am not standing beside you in your office. You’ll be glad you did.