Dream Big and Fly High and Far…

You can become the artist you always wanted to become. From still lifes to landscapes, portraits, life drawings, sculptures, abstractions, collages and more. You can learn to do it all…and learn to do it well, or you can just focus on one or two of the above. Either way the fun and the growth are endless and undeniable.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not drawing or painting. I always enjoyed the dream and the mystery of how it would all come out, and the feelings that came with creating something beautiful from nothing, which made me feel proud of myself, and feel a lot of love for myself. I am a lot older now, but the dream, the mystery and those feelings have not changed one bit. If this is a dream of yours, please contact me and we’ll arrange a free private lesson to see if you think I would be a good art teacher for you.

If you think you are interested in taking art classes with me, please call me to find out more about who I am, my experience as an artist and teacher, as well as information about classes, prices, and the free class that I offer, to see if I am really the art teacher for you.